Alyssa + Alex | Family Session in EXPO Park of Daejeon, South Korea | St. Louis Photography

I met Alex and Alyssa in late 2018. I didn't know much about them. I knew that they were two cross-cultural newlyweds who had befriended my younger brother Kevin at the church he was working at. She is from Canada and he is from Korea. They are both English teachers and they have two little cutie pup-babies.

Other tidbits I learned to know over the past year and last week as I spent some time with them on our trip to South Korea, is that they are so so so much akin to me and my hubby, Jesse. First off, they are so fun! (and I like to imagine I'm fun...?) I absolutely love when I get to know someone who makes it feel like we've known each other for years. They made me laugh and smile every time I was with them and I so much appreciated that Alex reached out to make Jesse feel welcome and he had a blast as well.

Both of those, husbands, dudes... love video games. They were able to bond and get to know each other through that and I can't wait to see the make a life-long friendship through it!

As for Alyssa, I had no clue - NO CLUE how much we are alike! It's crazy how you can relate so much to someone who has lived a whole different life, a whole different story, even in a whole different country than you, but you can have so much in common!

Alyssa loves to do soooo many things I love to do as well: writing, reading, singing, photography, Disney, learning about Korean culture and learning to speak the language! The list might not seem long, but it's not often when I meet someone who loves allllll of that like I do!

We decided to do and impromptu couple photo shoot, and they came KILLING it!!! Holy cow! They stepped out of a magazine and graced my lens!!!!

Location | EXPO Park, Daejeon, South Korea

You guys!!!! 💖

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