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1 Year Old!!

It doesn't even feel like it's real. I can hardly even say it. But my sweet baby Axel is now officially a year old.

We've jumped into this new Toddler Age with an epic Disney party, a face full of cake, a (not-so) few jabs from bubby, and a slew of teeth trying to make their way through.

It's been a fun, but admittedly rough couple of days as we tried to cram a million things into one week. We just finished VBS at our church, and then planning for the party, decorating for the party, the actual party, a photoshoot a few hours away, Father's Day, his actual birthday, and then planning for the next camp. It's been hectic and stressful and we're all showing the wear and tear. Emotionally for all of us, and a bit physically for me (*sooorrreeeeee - don't judge me! 30 has hit me hard!!!)

I realized last night that the whole week leading up to his birthday, and at the party, was so overwhelmed with details and planning, that I actually didn't get to prepare mentally for the day. I wasn't able to sit and hold him tight, stare at the cheeks, and eyelashes, and fingers, and lips, and alfalfa hair of my BABY. Instead, before I could relish in those precious details and moments, his babyhood had ended and his toddlerhood had begun. Although I am proud of all that I accomplished, the small piece of me looks back and regrets I didn't hold him for a few more silent moments.


June has been insane, and I am not sorry to see it go! I want to look at July with star-studded eyes, and dream of vacation and ease and just enjoying the little moments with my three boys (and man) again.

As we wait for that day to come - take a gander at my beautiful Disney boy and his party!

Isn't he the cutest??????? Can you guess the correct Disney movies????

And here are shots from his 1st Birthday Party!

Location: HOPE Christian Church in Columbia, IL

Cakes: Ashlynn's Simply Sweet Cakery

Mermaid Skirt ( I know you want it....): Amazon

Minnie (Little Mermaid) Ears: Amazon

Ariel Shirt: Hot Topic

Keyblade: Muddy Waters Cosplay

Mad Hatter Hats: Muddy Water Cosplay

Disney Signs: Gretchen Weber

Nightmare Before Christmas Lego Frame: Mamas Holy Capes

I know, I'm a Disney Fanatic......

Happy Birthday, my love!!

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