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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Guuuyyyysssss, I found two more kindred spirits that I now want to make MY BEST FRIENDS!!!!

Can you guess? Can you guess what they may love that I ALSO LOVE?????

If you guessed Green Tea Frappuccinos, then you guessed wrong. BUT, if you guessed that they are lovers of all things Disney - just like me!!!! - then you would be absolutely correct!

I know you may think that it is a common occurrence for me to meet people like that - but honestly, when I say love Disney with every fiber of my being - as an adult - I get some pretty strange looks. They just don't understand how much Disney has made a difference in my life. Not because of princesses and frill, but because it taught me to imagine, to dream, to explore, to chase my passions.

And finding two souls that see the value of such a place, it literally warms my heart.

Lindsay and Dave shared their love of not only Disney, but of Disney World itself. Although I have only been to the actual place once in my life, the stories they weave are literally etched in my soul. One day - ONE DAY - I dream of going again, to explore with my adult mind and see the beauty and creativity they have created in person. When I went my first and last time, I was a mere 14 years old, and all my brothers and I wanted to do was jump on the rides. But now, I want to go (perhaps kidless....) and explore the restaurants and the shops, and frolic with the characters (although I'm sure it would be frowned upon...). Lindsay even told me the marvels of the cruises!!! What a dream!

So of course, as you can imagine, a lot of our session was spent talking about Disney. LOL! I honestly had such a wonderful time with the 4 of them.

Adley, their sweet sweet premie newborn, was absolute perfection. She didn't make a peep and we got the most beautiful shots of her beautiful face and tiny tiny fingers and toes. And Madi, oh goodness, she brought me so many laughs! The moment I walked in, we were friends. She wanted to show me her room, and her sister's room, and help me to all the places we were going to shoot at. I love little helpers!!!

Now, enough of my talking. Take a look at this little life that has blessed the Cobb Family.

Location | O'Fallon, Illinois

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