Baby Baylor | Newborn Session in Foristell, MO | St. Louis Photography

I was greeted at the door by largest, most lovable pup I have ever met. Obviously, we bonded immediately, and he even honored me with a hug or two. He was so big, when he stood up, he was taller than I was!!! So so impressive. I am a huge fan of big dogs. So loveable and sweet!

It was a very dark morning. We met quite early to try and get the best light, and ironically the sun was nowhere to be seen and the sky was filled with immense dark clouds. It had stormed earlier in the night. But thankfully, it was headed away and didn't stay with us for too long!

Baylor's room was decorated BEAUTIFULLY! Feminine and modern! Jaymie did such a good job making the room cozy and stylish at the same time! Definitely #roomgoals if I ever have a daughter! (Plleaasseeeeee God, let me have a daughter someday!!!!!!!!) Everything was perfect, down to the bows, and frames, and onesies, and crib sheets. I was in love.

Kyle and Jaymie welcomed Baby Baylor into the world 3 weeks early and she already is such a joy to her parents and those around her! During our session she slept so sweetly in her swaddle and didn't even fuss with her bow on. When she woke up, she was all about mama! As it should be!

The most precious moments are watching a new mom looking into the face of her sweet babe. Absolutely nothing like it.

Location: Foristell, Missouri

Welcome to the world, sweet Baylor!

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