Baby Finn | A "Foxy" Lifestyle Newborn Session | St. Louis, Missouri

Mary + Adam have welcomed Little Mr. Finn!! He came a little bit early, but is healthy and beautiful!

I was absolutely impressed by their style throughout their whole home, from their porch to their dining room and living room furniture - all my style!!! Straight out of a magazine! But I especially loved the nursery. It's not often you see a baby boy's room decorated with such beautiful detail. A wooden animal theme with light green walls, and the perfect amount of fox decor around the room. My oldest son also had a fox theme, so I stood in awe at this nook of perfection!

As I wandered through, checking for the perfect light, I also happened to become best friends with their cat along the way. I know, I know. Big surprise... LOL! I love cats. So when this little bundle of sociality wandered up to me, I was alllll about it! And then, as I stood near their couch, chatting with Adam, he (the kitty) even climbed up my arm and took a seat on my shoulder!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe. It was the most amazing thing!!!! He just lay there, cuddling me like a stuffed animal. Pure bliss, right there!!!!!!!!

Anyway, back to Finn.... Not only did he get to dress up as a fox himself (stinking adorable!), towards the end of our session, Mary pulled out their small wooden crib which is actually an heirloom! Mary's grandfather built it and she and all of her cousins slept in it as babies!!!! And now it's the next generation's turn! How amazing is that?

I have a dresser in Roxas' room that my grandfather had made for my room, but how absolutely special to have something that can be passed from family member to family member, amongst alllll of your family! Such a unique family tradition that creates such splendid memories!

At the very end, Mary pulled out matching jean jackets for her and Finn, and honestly, I need to go shopping.

After seeing her rock it with that vintage look of hers, I may need a set myself........

Location | St. Louis, Missouri

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