Cousin Baby Hocking | Maternity Portraits in Mt. Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photographer

It's official!!!!

Roxas & Axel have a cousin due in September and it's a...... BOY!!!!!

We are so so so excited to add another rowdy boy to the group! Thayer and Roxas love each other so much and now Axel will have a playmate to roll around with!

Poor Peyton, the oldest cousin (and only girl) is left hanging solo. It's OK Pey! I'll try next time! Hopefully God will give us a girl someday LOL (although I have a feeling I am doomed/blessed to be a boy mom)!

Check out my brother & sister-in-law, their beautiful baby bump & their announcement!!!

Location: Mount Carmel, IL

I love you Baby Boy!!! We can't wait to meet you!!!

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