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Hannah contacted me the week before her sweet baby girl was due, and was so excited to find a photographer to join her and JR on their adventure into parenthood!

I was ALL in - except, I had a wedding I was assisting at on that Friday. She was due Saturday. The odds looked ok, though, cause she was already showing signs and her doctor thought she might go early.

Well you know how that goes, mamas......We checked in throughout the week, day by day we waited, and Friday came! We were both so nervous. I thought about it all day, wondering if God was going to bring this precious girl into the world right when I wasn't able to make it. Because, you know, He has a sense of humor sometimes. :)

I checked my phone regularly and at about 6 PM, I got the text. She was going in after having labor pains all the previous night and all that morning. Would I be able to make it? Would her labor last through the night or be quick?

Lo and behold, to no one's surprise since I am writing this blog, I finished at the wedding and (legally) sped to the hospital which luckily wasn't too far away. I made it with a few hours to spare! *happy dance* We enjoyed the passing hours trying to get in naps (mainly Hannah), watching Jurassic Park 3 (woot woot!), raiding the hospital snack machine (mainly me....), drawing exquisite art (mainly JR.... he drew the most beautiful inscription of his daughter's name, which he later added as a tattoo himself!!), and together we celebrated the coming of their baby girl with lots of smiles and laughter.

Mavis entered the world, so so loved. It was a remarkable experience, seeing the absolute pure joy and desperate love that came from her parents at seeing and holding her for the first time.


Here are some of my favorites (no worries, friends! PG!!!):

Aren't those the most precious moments? They were both immediately enraptured with sweet Mavis.

A few days later, after they got some "rest," I returned for their Fresh 48 Session. Mavis was cleaned up, looking shiny and bright, and all bundled up so warmly, just the way babes love! We got such beautiful shots with her mama and daddy, who obviously have a knack for making each other smile, and even got some shots with her homemade blanky!!

Welcome to the world, Miss Mavis. You are going to do marvelous things!

Location: Mercy Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations, Hannah and JR and all your family!!!!

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