Baby Quinn | Newborn Portraits

I've known Eric & Shani for quite a few years now. We all went to the same Bible College and Eric was a co-worker of mine for about 2.5 years. He is the epitome of creativity. He sings like an angel - a manly one of course... plays guitar, acts, has a wicked sense of humor, and is an amazing speaker. He is an awesome guy. And Shani is so stinking kind - every time I've ever spoken to her, she just has this glow about her. Of pure joy. Its infectious. And makes you want to smile, give her a big hug, and be best friends with her all at the same time!!

They now have this beautiful little girl, with strawberry blond hair might I had - RED - *ahem ahem*. And the same love that they've always so openly shared for each other is now very visibly poured out onto their daughter. During this session, all I did was ask them to interact with Quinn like they normally do. The moment they looked into her eyes, their faces brightened, like she was the flame that fueled their lives. Absolutely breathtaking.

I know all parents love their children with such depth. But it's not always as common to see it so beautifully captured.

They were the first family to use my new indoor studio! They are in the middle of a move, and decided they wanted to be my first guinea pigs! They brought stuffed animals, blankets, and decor from home, which brought so much personality to it. Roxas saw the triceratops stuffed animal, and nearly ran away with it.

They also brought a very special cross-stitched piece that was made by Shani's grandma. Is was so elegantly simple and delicate, with a little elephant written by her name. Look out for it!

Location: Belleville, IL

Although it saddens me that they will no longer be in the area, I am so so thankful they gave me the opportunity to meet their daughter and to capture these moments for them.

Thank you, friends. And congratulations!!!

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