Baby Sawyer | 9 Month Milestone Portraits in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photography

My nephew is officially 9 months, and he is living it up! He can crawl, eat yummy solid foods, and can already pull himself up! He has the cutest chubby legs I have ever seen, and as always, he has an extremely contagious smile and giggle. After a day with him, my face hurts, because I literally smile the ENTIRE time!

Roxas and Axel adore him, of course. Roxas can't believe how cute he is. I mean, who can?? Axel, on the other hand, calls him Yoyo; he has an intricate and complicated relationship with him. As most babies tend to have... LOL! When they're together, he has a mixture of wanting to show him everything he has, as well as being offended when Baby Yoyo takes an interest in "his toys," which of course are not actually just his, but Mimi's. Which means they belong to Sawyer, too. It's a hard lesson to learn. All the kids have gone through it when the younger one came along. They're not used to "not" being the baby. :) But anytime Sawyer is not around, Axel asks about him the whole time. Such irony.

Sawyer brings so much joy to his brother and sister and cousins, and we can't imagine life without him. 3 months until he a year old....... I'll have to let that sink in.

Location | Mount Carmel, Illinois

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