Baby Sawyer | Fresh 48 Session in Newburgh, IN | St. Louis Photography

Welp, it's official.

Sawyer Eugene Hocking is here and he is making a massive gut-wrenching beautiful and adorable impression on everyone he meets!

Literally. Absolutely. Precious.

He came just a few days early, which everyone was super duper excited about. Poor mama was getting super weary. And honestly, I was thrilled he came at such a perfect time.

I had my first solo wedding the previous Saturday which was 4.5 hours away in Springfield, MO, and I was literally terrified my SIL would go into labor while I was there. As it is, I would have to drive all the way to Evansville to make it. If she went in, I would miss him coming!

I begged and begged her in a very supportive (and only slightly unrealistic) manner - please, keep him cooking just a little bit longer!!!!!!! LOL! Obviously, if he came the day I was gone, everything would be fine and we'd have an amazing nephew nonetheless!

But, thanks to God, I got through the wedding and BAM, early Monday morning I got the call. We rushed to get ready. My boys and I drove the 2.5 hours to my in-laws house, dropped them off with their great-grandma (who is one of their absolute favorite people), and rushed the rest of the hour to Evansville like a mad-woman.

And I made it in the knick-of-time! I got to go in to see my BIL & SIL, they told me baby was coming any minute, we all left, and within an hour he was here!!!!!! Because my SIL is a beast. :)

They hadn't decided what the name was before he was born, so it was a total surprise for everyone!!!!

And of course, we loved it!

My other nephew, baby's big brother, arrived and we all got to go in together! Guys, I promise you.

The moment Thayer saw his baby brother for the first time, everyone just wanted to bawl hysterically.

It was the sweetest moment known to existence.

When my BIL put baby in his arms, he said aloud, "This is my very best day."

No truer words could be said, my friend.

Meet Sawyer, everyone.

And there's more!!!! Here are some of the sweet moments of Sawyer and his mama and daddy!

Location: Deaconess The Women's Hospital, Newburgh, Indiana

We love you, Baby Boy!!!!

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