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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

I don't even know where to start! This newborn session was one of my all time favorites!

Jennine messaged me a few weeks before sweet Theodore was born. She was nearing her due date and was still very much pregnant. Like any pregnancy, we weren't quite sure when the baby would come, so we agreed to set a date once little one came!

I was thrilled to be on the list receiving the news of Theodore's arrival! There is nothing greater than rejoicing with a mama on the safe birth of her baby!

When I arrived at their home, honestly, the first thing I did was let me jaw drop. You never truly know what "style" someone has until you go into their home. It's like walking into the "picture" version of their personality. Their home was stunning. Literally belonged in a magazine.... they live in an old school house that had been renovated! They added the brick wallpaper, the kitchen counter and sink, and all the lights and decor to make this studio apartment into the PERFECT home for a photo session!!! Every single detail and item was meticulously placed and all flowed together so beautifully! Me and my camera were so so excited!!! You'll see what I mean down below! I was (am) in love!!!! Next time I redecorate, I know exactly who I am going to call!!!!!!

Jennine and Cody were so much fun through the whole session. Sometimes parents can get a bit nervous or uptight when the camera is on them. Which is totally understandable. New baby, showcasing the home, choosing clothes, having someone stalk you two feet from your face (me...).... it can be overwhelming.

But they both acted like they had been in front of the camera their whole lives! So natural. The smiles, the laughter, the joy with their babies. It was so contagious. I couldn't stop smiling as I worked on their session. And I can't stop smiling even now as I write this.

Their oldest son, Joey, was so sweet. He had so much energy and was ready to play for the camera! He ran, he jumped, he lifted, he flew, he kissed, he ate chocolate.... So so sweet with the most gorgeous smile!

And Theodore. Sweet baby Theo. Although there were a few times he wanted the warm embrace of his mama, as every newborn should, he did so amazing for being only 10 days old. I was amazed he was so aware. There were quite a few times I found myself face to face, staring into his wide eyes. He had no clue what this big "one-eyed" face was doing so close to him. LOL!!!

Glance through these amazingly joyful family portraits and celebrate the new life of Theodore!

And I think the best thing of all was seeing all of the LOVE that radiated from Jennine for her family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make these memories for your family!!!

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