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Up next is a special group of people! Sandi is my dad's older sister, 2nd in line of 5! She had four kids - my cousins! - and their daughter, who was my best friend growing up had 4 GORGEOUS children.

Makayla (Kayla, KK), Matthew (MattMatt), Lucas, and Isaiah.

First off, Sandi. If any of you have met her, you know there's a few things about Sandi that stands out. She LOVES baseball - particularly the St. Louis Cardinals. She often bonds with her various grandbabies by going to games throughout the season! She is a great supporter of her grandkids and their extracurricular activities! She loves to post pictures of their games and competitions. She ALSO is obsessed with the ocean! There is hardly a week that passes by that she is not sharing a video, meme, GIF, or picture of the ocean, or it's sounds, or the way the sunsets over the horizon! In Michigan, I was so excited to share with her a different kind of sunset over the Great Lakes. It's not the ocean, but man was it just as beautiful!

As for the kiddos - they are the life and breath of our family. All of us love and dote over them; aunts, uncles, cousins, and kids alike. Roxas and Axel LOVE them to death. they could spend all day with them and not even bat an eye if I weren't there.

Kayla is the oldest, and she has conquered the "being the older sister" thing. I mean, you kind of have to with three younger brothers.... In many ways she reminds me of myself....

AWESOME, of course! LOL! Kidding, but not kidding.

She has a love for music and is an amazing singer, even though she doesn't like to admit it! Most times, when I get a niche to take some cool pictures, I force her to be my model, and she always ALWAYS blows me away! She is extremely mature for her age, and has the most loving spirit; compassionate, but also can rock your world with her upfront and honest facial expressions.... You always know what she's thinking.... and I love that.

MattMatt is a sports extraordinaire! Any sport I've seen him play, he is amazing at. He LOVES baseball and wants to be a professional player someday! I have faith in him that he can do GREAT things! And I know God has a huge plan for him anywhere he goes. He also is the best at encouraging others. Every day he sends text messages to family and friends to wish them a good morning and check how they are. So stinking sweet.

Lucas is somewhat of a comedian with a flair for creativity. He can sing. He can draw. And BOY, can that kid DANCE!!!!! Since he was like 2 years old, and could move his legs and arms at the same time, he would dance and dance and dance! Particularly, he alway loved Michael Jackson growing up. Even to this day he can move identically to the icon's dances and it ROCKS MY WORLD! He is also known as the baby-whisperer. It never fails that he can woo and enrapture babies and children alike. A super-power maybe??????

Isaiah is bold and full of energy! He's not always a fan of trying new foods, but it never fails that when we try a new experience he is the first in line! We took a dip in the cold Lake Superior, and he was one of the first to jump full in. He is always so loving and so kind to my boys and sincerely wants them to feel like they're cared for. Anytime they are upset, Isaiah is the first to want to hold and console them. It makes my heart so happy. FUN FACT: Isaiah was born just a few months before my wedding! He will turn 10 years old, just before our BIG 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Take a gander at these amazing pictures they took! I included a few of their laughter and interactions, because they were too good not to share!

Location: Munising, Michigan, Lake Superior

I love you all!

Look out for the final family portraits from our Michigan trip tomorrow!

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