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Soooo, I did something, friends.

As some of you know, and a few are about to find out, I love to try new things. Tasting new foods and finding new restaurants, seeing new places and things, reading new books and movies, changing up my jewelry and clothes for a new look, annndddd also, as I love cold AND hot drinks, I really love to try and test new drinks.

If I'm not trying new things routinely, I get a little lethargic.

As you see with the title of this post, I decided to try some tea. I actually really love tea. Cold, hot, sweet, unsweet and savory. It's my game. I come by it honestly. My mama is a tea lover, and I was excited to find out that my soon-to-be SIL is an avid tea-lover herself! Match made in heaven! In fact, at my brother's upcoming wedding we are having a TEA REFRESHMENT TABLE with teapots, and porcelain teacups, and little gold spoons, and a buffet of hot and cold teas with additives and flavors galore!!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am about that.

This past December I fell upon a post introducing me to Blooming With Joy Tea via a Facebook Small Business Event, and I immediately was intrigued, and shortly thereafter fell in love.

"Why," you may ask? "You seem to fall in love, a lot, Laura..." It's true. Don't judge me.

But, let me explain. Michelle, owner of Blooming With Joy, routinely plays the game"Which is your favorite cup" in which she posts a vintage-y epic dress with three beautiful porcelain teacups. You have to choose which cup you would choose to go with the particular dress that is presented.

So, that was an easy sell right there:

1. I love love love vintage dresses.

2. I love porcelain dishes.

3. I love tea.

How could this go wrong? It couldn't. This is exactly the type of thing I want in my Facebook feed all day long! All in all, she immediately captured my heart with her posts referring to Downton Abbey and making me dream of Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables with all of the good-feel talk of tea and its place in our lives!

She has also made a habit of posting encouraging blogs that deal with more than just tea, but about the idea of peace and calm in a person's life, and also positive "joyful" messages, which you can see in even the little notes she sends with her tea blends.

When I opened my Subscription Box from her, I couldn't help but smile. I have had loose tea before, but never had I been in charge of making it on my own. I'm not sure what I imagined, but it definitely wasn't what I received. Each note, container, and favor had hints of encouragement and delicacy. Even the names of her teas were chosen with heart and beautiful fonts and calligraphy, which always always ALWAYS gets this hand-lettering-aspiring girl's heart a-racing.

Now to the tea. Like I said, I had never personally worked with loose tea, although I have dabbled with it here and there at parties I have attended. I was up for the challenge!!!

I pulled out my teapot and got to work! Over the course of a few days, I tried all three teas, and wow, just WOW!!!

I am super picky about the flavor of my tea. I can't stand pre-bottled from the store, and there are only a few restaurant teas that I enjoy. So I was curious if these would suit me. And they absolutely did.

In this month's package I received:

Ambition (Loose Black Tea with Black Tea, Yerba Mate, Cocoa Pieces, Cinnamon, Kola Nuts, and Safflower)

and came with some samples of:

Fearless (Loose Black Tea with Black Tea, Natural Black Currant Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Caramel Flavor, Natural Bergamot Flavor)

Encourage Mint (Herbal Tea with Lemon Grass, Chamomile Flowers, Peppermint Leaves)

plus a few favors to make it extra special!

She has a Subscription Box where you can have different kinds of tea sent your home each month! And she also has samples, so you can test to find which one IS YOU!!! Perform a Tea Personality Test on yourself!

If you love tea, or love to try something new like me, or you secretly have been wanting to host a tea party for all your lady friends, or maybe you just want a reason to try something to help you relax while you watch (the Colin Firth BBC version) Pride & Prejudice, you should check her out!!

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