Brandi | A Bright & Colorful Maternity Session in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO | St. Louis Photography

Brandi absolutely WOWed me!! We scheduled her Maternity Session months ahead of time, and planned an indoor shoot at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, St. Louis, because we figured - "hey, it's February." And two days before the session it was like 20 degrees. But not only did the weather greet us with a beautiful warm sun, but we even found a Holly Tree which was bright and green among all of its other still-wintery-dead brethren.

Brandi showed up that afternoon fully glowing and with every fiber of fashion, beauty, and grace.

I couldn't help but be in literal mouth-hanging-open awe when she stepped out of that car. Her hair, her makeup, that dress, and oh, those nails!!! Such detail of style!!! Made my heart so so happy!

And then to top it off, she laughed at all of my jokes with this absolutely radiant smile, and I honestly did not want to stop photographing her!!! We could have gone on allllll day!

She was literally like a model who knew all of the right ways to look and move, and I felt like I hardly had to work at all!

Brandi, girl! Thank you for being your fantastic self!!! And I can't wait to meet your precious boy!

Location | Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

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