Jeff + Abbie | Couples Session in Brighton, IL | St. Louis Photography

When Abbie mentioned "horses," I was more than a little excited. I had never worked with them before, but I always thought it would be the coolest challenge! Obviously, working with animals is absolutely completely different than working with people. Although, ironically, it is similar to working with babies and toddlers. LOL!

I can't give them prompts or directions, because they can't understand me (or in a toddler's case - they don't WANT to understand me!). So I have to approach shooting the session differently. My goal is to capture them as they are instead of forcing them into a mold or premeditated design. So, just like children sessions, I didn't come with an exact detailed plan, but more of ideas that I wished and hoped would happen. And exactly like my children sessions happen, it didn't go perfectly to plan, but instead we created images I didn't even think of, and I am so so happy with what we captured!

Abbie and Jeff spent our time together leading me around the family farm! I got to see such beautiful scenery with a pond and a WILLOW TREE!!!, and got to work with three of their horses!

Check out their session and enjoy those majestic beauties that joined in!

Location: Brighton, IL

Thank you Abbie & Jeff, for choosing me!!

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