Buckheit Family | Mom & Me Session at ToddHall in Columbia, IL | St. Louis Photograph

Updated: May 30, 2019

I finally got to meet Tiffany after about a year of being friends on Facebook! Her hubby earned his degree in Youth Ministry at SLCC, which is where my two brothers and myself went to! I graduated a few years before him, but we connected through my brothers and the rest is history!

We met and immediately hit it off, if I do say so myself! Although Jamie and Jenna were a bit tired from their long drive, Jaxon got out and we became fast buddies! As we were walking from place to place, my heart nearly leapt into my throat when he reached out his tiny hand and asked me to hold it as we walked.

Why yes, little angel gentleman. I will certainly hold your adorable little hand!!!!!

Forever and EVER and EVVVERRRRRRR!!!!!!

He was so willing to jump into pictures, especially when I mentioned the "Beware of Snakes" sign! He kept his eyes out!

Jamie and Jenna arrived in matching dresses, worthy of Fairy Photoshoot!!! They were gorgeous in pink! And Tiffany was stunning in the vintage black dress she chose to go with my vintage chair, Betty!

Yes, she has a name..........

I truly felt like instant friends! Tiffany and I seem to have so much in common!!!!

And I'm so super bummed they are headed to Texas at the end of June!! Don't go, my long-lost buddy!!!!

Here are their precious Mom & Me portraits!!!

Location: Todd Hall Retreat Center, Columbia, IL

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