The Beautiful Butterweed | Kids Photography in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photograph

My brother-in-law tells me that this stuff isn't liked.

But boy, when I saw the massive field FULL of it, I had to stop and take pictures!

You see, I'm not necessarily a plant person. To me, if it looks pretty, I like it. So I don't often mind the weeds in my yard . But my farmer family just shakes their heads at me. Silly city girl. I literally have no clue the evil these beautiful creatures can bring.

I probably should learn a thing or two about it.... Being related to farmers and all. But, honestly, I have a black thumb. Every plant I've ever taken care of or maybe even have looked at dies a sad miserable death. I try..... But alas, it is not one of my talents....

So, I will remain ignorant and just bast in the beauty of my weeds!

Here are some snapshots of a few treasures of mine. Playing in the weeds.

Location: Mount Carmel, IL

All I Need is Jesus & a Taco Drink Sweater: Modern Ruth Boutique

Long live the weeds!!

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