The Carrs | Family Session in Waterloo, IL | St. Louis Photography

Welp, I am officially in love with "city" portraits. It's not often that I get a family that wants some beautiful stone and brick, but I am so glad they jumped on the wagon!

It was so glamorous! Especially when Ashley and Micah came out completely STUNNING me with their outfits!!!!!!! I always absolutely love it when clients add that extra spark to their outfits! It makes the images all the more beautiful!

Your kiddos, as always, brought me so many laughs!!!!! And even though I kept pulling my camera out, saying "One More.... oh, just one more.... oh wait, here, too!", I'm so glad we did, because, MAN!!! You guy rocked my socks off!!!!! Woooohheeeeee!

Location | Waterloo, Illinois

Love you, my friends!!!

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