The Davenport Family | Grandparent Session at Konarcik Park in Waterloo, IL | St. Louis Photography

Strong. That's what I've read over and over again about this special woman, this wife, this mother, this grandmother.

Marilyn has been just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. And she has decided to fight. Her whole family, all of their friends are sharing about their intense love for her, sharing all about this woman who has changed their lives and who has made such an impact to all of those around her.

When they contacted me about taking Marilyn & Fred's pictures with their grandbabies, I was shook. This is such an important moment. And I have had the opportunity to share in this moment with them.

Thank you, Davenport Family for letting me take a peek in at your lives.

Marilyn, we are all rooting and praying for you. God is with you always.

Location: Konarcik Park, Waterloo, Illinois

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