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The FINAL family portraits from our trip to Michigan celebrates these two: Dawn & Tim McLean!

Dawn is the 5th and final baby in the line of my dad's siblings, and ironically, she is very much like my dad, and thus, a lot like me! We both have a massive creative streak, we love the camera, we are both very stubborn but at the same time very open and honest, and we both have the "Branstetter Look," which you might think is a good thing, but alas, it is often rendered as "scary....." LOL! It's the blank stare that most of the women in our family have that can make us look like we might literally kill you any second, when in reality we're thinking about cake.....

But trust me friend, we may look scary, but we're golden on the inside! I promise!

Some special fun facts about Ms. Dawn is that she was born on 4th of July! So we often get together around this holiday to celebrate her birth alongside the birth of this independent country. She LOVES cake. I mean, if she never got a single thing for her birthday, ever, she would HAVE to at least have cake. No ifs, ands, or buts. In fact, during our trip, her hubby, Tim, and I drove into the little town of Munising in search of a cake to surprise her while she napped on the hammock by the lake. And lo and behold, in this tiny tourist town, at the small supermarket with about 10 cakes we found a VEGGIETALES CAKE!!!!!! Of all things!!!! So of course we grabbed it and sped home and she loved it!!!!! I mean, who wouldn't?? I'm 30 and still sing all of the VeggieTales songs. In the car...... alone...... I'm THAT cool.

And one of the coolest facts about Dawn is that she has loved Tim since she was like - 7 yrs old or something..... Something that I think is a little unique in our family is that a few of our in-laws are actually childhood friends! Anna, who was in my previous blog, was a neighbor of my aunts and uncles, and she ended up marrying Lee. And Tim was a childhood church friend of my dad and Uncle Lee.

Dawn had a huge crush on him when she was a kid - I mean, how can you not? He is handsome, goofy, mischievous, extremely loving, thoughtful, and has the most amazing way of making every kid feel like they are his. Everyone who knows him falls in love with him!

Years down the road they got married and here we are today! They celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary in just a few short weeks!

I love them so much an am so thankful for them in our lives! Enjoy their romantic escapades by the water!

Location: Munising, Michigan, Lake Superior

Thank you for following along on my recent travel blog! You guys are awesome!

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