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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I had the most amazing privilege to join in on Sue's 70th Surprise birthday party last Saturday.

Debbie, Sue's roommate, had been planning this party with Sue's family for a long time! In fact, Sue is already 70. Her birthday was half a year ago, but to throw her off the scent, they planned the party for when she would least expect it!!

And it was magic! She had no idea that family and friends from far and wide would come together at church to celebrate her.

When I arrived the whole Gathering Area was decorated in Cardinal's theme. If you don't know, St. Louis citizens and most of the Southern Illinois side are avid Cardinals' fans. This is a major Baseball town. So everything was decorated red & white and guests showed up decked out in their Cardinals' t-shirts and jerseys.

When Sue walked in, completely surprised, she too got her own special t-shirt to wear!

So let's talk about Sue a little. I have known Sue for quite a few years. I met her son Matt back when I was a freshman in high school. We went on a Mission Trip to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina hit. Years later I worked in the church office and Sue was a dedicated volunteer who was an extremely valuable, capable, and trustworthy partner for all of us there. Her heart was always to serve and be a light for Christ! So loving and so personable. There was never a time that she didn't greet me with a warm smile. And when I became a mother, she was there on Sundays, loving on my son in Nursery like he was her own.

Other things I learned about her at the party were from her family. They spoke about her as a sister, and the way she affected their lives. I had never known that she was the oldest sister of boys. And now I feel like I love her even more because I am also the oldest of boys! I now understand where her loving motherly spirit comes from! Being the oldest sister is something special!

I also learned about her special skill of dog-sitting. I had always known that she's a very popular dog-sitter for when people need someone to care for their pets when they are on vacay. But I just learned that Sue isn't just good. She's gold. Seriously. The pastor's wife spoke about how Sue leaves detailed notes about how she cares for the pets while they are gone, and even writes down the schedule of things they did together. She knows how much fur-babies mean to the their owners. And she puts as much love into caring for them as she does the people around her.

I pray that as I get older I can make such a long-lasting impact on people like she has.

Thank you, Sue, for being such a great example for us to follow.

Location: HOPE Christian Church, Columbia, IL

Cake & Cupcakes: Stephanie's Sweets

Happy Super-Belated Birthday, Sue!!!!

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