Baby Zoey | Newborn Portraits in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photographer

Oh sweet baby Zoey! Guys, I think she and I had a thing. A spark. A zing. Nearly every time I took her photo, Zoey turned and looked me right in the big old camera eye. So so so precious!

And holy goodness, Zion and Zane were literally the kind of kids you dream of having for a family photo session. Seriously. When I asked them to smile, they grinned! When we took the family shot, they stood right where I needed them to! And when we were done, they kept asking for more!!!!!

If only my boys were so enthusiastic! LOL! (I'm looking at you, Mr. DinoRoxas.)

I went to college with Joey & Mariah way back in the day (I'm getting so old....). Mariah and I both share a passion for music! We both were in the Music & Worship Degree program and had classes together often, including Music Theory and Choir!

They had gone to college, already dating. And they got married in 2009! 10 years this year!!!!! I remember as we traveled for a concert, Mariah speculating on "When will he ever pop the question????" They had been dating forever and she was ready!

And look at them now!!!! Working in ministry together at The River Church and with three little beauties! Two of which have strawberry blonde hair 😱 (red heads UNITE!!!!!!)

I was so ecstatic when Mariah reached out to me about a session. I hadn't seen them since graduating, and I was so so thankful to catch up and meet their babies!

This was also my first newborn session in the great outdoors!!!

Take a gander with me!

Location: Beall Woods State Park, Mount Carmel, IL

Eblin Family, I had so so much fun! You brought such a bright smile to my face! And thank you for loving on Axel, too!!! Made my heart so warm!

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