Ellen & Helen & Kids | Mom & Me Session in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photograph

I had the best opportunity to shoot a Mom & Me Session with my Mother-in-Law! She wasn't able to get any with her two boys, so instead she requested some shots with her mom and grandbabies!!!

We had so much getting these together! Although the kids weren't quite as excited to participate (i.e. see Axel....), they still did well. And the shots taken with her mom at Beall Woods State Park in Mount Carmel, IL, came out AMAZING!!!

Can someone please come over so I can get shots like these taken with MY MOM???

I love it when my clients bring props and ideas that are unique for them! So much character! They decided to bring their Twilight books because they both loved reading that series and saw the movies together! And then she brought her leopard blanket from home. Ellen used to loooooove cheetah and leopard print. She collected jewelry and clothes and decor that were printed but tasteful. She is a styling queen! Fashionista!!! And her mama got her this beautiful blanket for her home. Super special. So even though Ellen isn't as into cheetah print as she used to be, she treasures this blanket from her mom. Not to mention it is one of the most comfortable blankets on the planet. We may or may not fight over who gets to use it when we're at her house.....

Anyhooooo, check out these Mom & Me portraits straight out of a bright Spring Wonderland!!

Location: Beall Woods State Park, Mount Carmel, IL

Hocking Farm, Browns, IL

Books: Twilight Series, by Stephanie Meyer

Love you Mimi!!

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