The Grounds Family | Grandparent Portraits in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photography

These two became grandparents this month and they are SOAKING it up!!!!

They are the precious parents of my SIL, and it has been so beautiful to watch them dote on Baby Sawyer and help take care of their daughter as she gets used to being a baby mama. Every time I've visited, I've seen Ellen doing laundry, washing dishes, holding Sawyer for a few moments, all so her daughter can get a moment's rest. And Randy has been in a frenzy in the kitchen, cooking up delicious food left and right!

The love of parents outpouring continually on their baby girl and her new babe. It makes my heart ache with joy.

Ellen & Randy gave into my antics and let me take some snapshots with Sawyer, and it was the absolute perfect time to take them!!!!! The sun was glowing through the trees and gave everything such a perfectly beautiful glow, adding to the already magical moments!!!!

Take a look!

Location | Mount Carmel, Illinois

I so wish Grandparent Portraits were something all grandparents wanted to do! Don't you LOVE them??!

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