The Gruenewald Family | Family Session in Carlyle, IL | St. Louis Photography

I was thrilled to capture these sweet memories for the Gruenewald Family!

Norman was in our bridal party and was one of my husband's closest friends (and roommates) in college. I remember he and Jesse always used to wrestle around and practice their martial arts together.

Beth went to school with all of us, but it wasn't until years later that spark fired! They got married, then had the most beautiful baby boy! Little William is turning 1 Year Old!!! He loves the Disney Movie "Cars"!!!

I love you fellow #disneynerd!!!! A man after my own heart! I was super duper excited when they brought along props and all! It's my favorite thing to capture the unique details, ESPECIALLY when it has something do with DISNEY!!!!

Check out alllllll of these sweet moments with this family!

Location: Carlyle, Illinois

Happy Birthday, Will!!!!

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