Baby Abby | 6 Month Milestone Session in Columbia, IL | St. Louis Photography

A few things stood out about the Hatfields when I met them at Bolm-Schuhkraft Park:

1. Chris and Michelle LOVE the Blues! Not only did they have the cutest outfit and tutu for Abby, but they even had adorable tiny hockey sticks and an inflatable Stanley Cup!

2. Their son, Jude, is a super Pokemon fan! He carried around a stuffed Detective Pikachu (which was personally my favorite Pokemon growing up) and we even did a tiny photoshoot with it for fun! Make sure to look out for a few shots!

3. They love the Beatles! In fact, they named their two kids in honor of them!!! Jude (Hey, Jude) and Abby Rose (the "Abbey Road" album). How cool! I'm a super-fan myself (of Disney) and named my boys after characters in a Disney Video Game, so it makes me pretty thrilled to meet other parents who love something so much they bless their kiddos with such cool names!

4. Abby has the most adorable cheeks and such gorgeous vivid eyes. While editing her 6 Month Milestone session, I literally couldn't stop working on them because she was JUST TOO MUCH!!! Her expressions made for some adorable portraits!

Take a look with me!

Location: Bolm-Schuhkraft Park, Columbia, Illinois

You were such a joy, Miss Abby Rose!

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