Hocking Halloween 2019 | Cousin Session in Browns, IL | St. Louis Photography

Yup, we did that! No words needed!!!!

Wellllll, except to say who is who!

Mimi | Fashionista Witch

Peyton | A piece of our Heart (we missed you peypey!)

Thayer | Toothless Werewolf

Roxas | Roaring Mummy

Axel | Inquisitive Vampire

Sawyer | Skeleton of Love

The Hockings definitely love to dress up, especially when it's next to our spooky old tree!

Location | Browns, Illinois

Witch Attire | collected over the years...

Werewolf Mask | not sure...

Mummy Costume | Morph (Amazon)

Vampire Costume | InCharacter (Amazon)

Skeleton Onesie | Little Fancy (Amazon)

Have a safe night, giving your kiddos the chance to imagine and dream!

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