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I'm a bit bummed. Easter Sunday I was so busy going back and forth between my various jobs at church, that I didn't actually get a family Easter photo done. Roxas actually went with my mom to church, since I knew my hands would be full, and we were at church quite early to prepare for the Easter portraits.

I carried him to the car asleep, handed my mom the outfit I knew he probably wouldn't wear (he doesn't like button up shirts), and then they drove off. Truthfully I was a bit sad. A day where we're supposed to celebrate Jesus as a family, and I was sending a piece of my heart in a different direction.

But I also knew, that if I were to remain sane for the rest of the morning, he had to spend it my mom. So my hubby, Axel, and I headed to church and spent the morning busy busy busy.

Jesse headed off to work right after church and our opportunity for a picture was gone.

So instead of our family portrait, I decided I wanted to share with you all of the little moments that I have spent with my two littles over the last week or two. I might not have captured any on the actual Easter day, but I sure gained a lot of special memories on the days leading up to it.

Check out my cuties.

Location: Belleville, IL; Moody Park at Longacre, Fairview Heights, IL

Thank you for loving them with me!

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