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Today is my boys' Spring Picture day! Woot woot!

I've had these adorable outfits picked out for a few weeks now, and they have been patiently waiting on their hangers on Axel's doorknob.

Today we woke up early, took baths so we were squeaky clean, ate breakfast carefully so there would not be food smear all over their faces and hands (I can't promise I haven't sent them to daycare like that....). I really worked very hard to make sure they were spick and span!

We had 15 minutes till we needed to leave, and I decided it was TIME! I brought out the outfits excitedly, proudly even. And lo and behold, to no one's ultimate surprise, Roxas and Axel were not as thrilled about wearing these spectacular outfits.........

It literally took an arm and a leg to hold them down and get the outfits on... And let's not even talk about the bowties.......

But after it was all said and done, they got to daycare looking spiffy and happy, I might add. Chocolate may have been involved for one of them....

I dropped them off, made sure their bow ties were straight, and headed out to my car.

I felt so much relief. They got there on time, completely dressed, and I didn't strangle anyone. Yay! I sat in my seat, relishing in my moment of peace. I had so much I was going to do today. Working on some photography sessions, reviewing some classes I am currently taking on posing, and working on some of my marketing material. I had it all planned out! The whole day! Let me tell you folks, that doesn't happen very often! Usually I just want to vegetate in my PJs on the couch and it takes forever for me to get up and moving. (NOT a morning person...)

So after a bit, I decided it was time to go home and turned the key, and BAM. My car wouldn't start. I was stranded. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.... I called my hubby and thankfully he answered the phone (not a common occurrence) and came and rescued me.

Now that I'm home, I've got a short time to finish a long list. But first, I wanted to share our Hocking Family Easter pictures that we took a few weekends ago. If there's one thing Roxas loves, it's the Hocking Farm and his cousins. The perfect combination made for some adorable pictures. Although it started pouring down rain in the middle of our daffodil portraits, the kids made it through and we had an awesome time!!

Check out these cuties!!!

Location: Keensburg Christian Church, Keensburg, IL

As you can see, Roxas only had eyes for Thayer! lol!!! All day we were calling, "Roxas. Roxas. Roxas look over here!!!"

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