International Women's Day| Personal Moments

First, is my amazing mother in the beautiful black gown pictured below. My mama raised me to be a strong independent woman just like her. I am so floored by how strong she really is. After losing dad and raising my brothers and I as a single mother, she has continually been a rock to us. She taught us to sacrifice for love. To love Jesus, love each other, and love others. She is my best friend and one of the lights of my life.

The second woman I want to highlight is my mom-in-law; she has invested in me constantly over the last 11 years since I married her boy. Many men and women have a cursed relationship with their MILs. Not me. She may be opinionated 😉, but she is kind and wise, with a little (lot) bit of sass. I am so thankful to have her as one of my best friends as well. She has taught me a lot about marriage, and the hard work of being a wife. As well as given me a mighty tip or two about fashion. 👗

You both are amazing wives, amazing mothers, amazing grandmothers. Amazing women.

Who are the women you are remembering today?

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