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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

No words can express how much I love this family.

Jeremy is my husband's brother - and about 3 years ago, he met the most amazing woman. They fell in love; we fell in love! And to our delight 2 years ago she said YES!, last year they got married, and this year they are expecting another Hocking bundle of joy that we are THRILLED to meet!

Don't let these pictures fool you. Alyssa looks like an absolute angel in these - soft and sweet and serene and pastelish with that angelic glow around her.

I mean, she is STUNNING in them! But what I love about her is that she's far beyond just the gorgeous angel exterior. On the inside she is a Warrior Angel Princess.

Strange description, I know.

She is kind and loving and sacrificial and has the most amazing understanding of what FAMILY means. But she is also the kind of girl who can skin you alive with "THE LOOK," and who can whip you back into shape because she has a heart for doing what's right and being the best you can be. I absolutely love that about her. She is MY kind of girl! And as for the princess part, she is so down to earth and yet has a flair for fashion - everything about her makes me love her more and more as the years pass by. She even shares in on my Disney geeking and it gives me all of the nerdy happy feels! Another soulmate!!!

She has become a true sister to me, and I am so thankful to God that he brought Jeremy and her together. She is a perfect match for our family, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how we grow in maturity and love as we grow old together!

Location: Mount Carmel, Illinois

One month till Baby Boy Hocking joins us!

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