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Today is the first day of spring!!!!! And it's also the day my hunny-bunny turns 32!

I always (not-so-slightly) rejoice that he is two years older than me and will therefore reach "ancient" before me. Mwahahhahaaha!

So, many of you don't know Jesse very well. He has worked night shift & weekends for most of our marriage due to continuing education and working in the Medical Field in general. Because of this he has had to miss a lot of family time, events, vacations, etc, as well as miss the opportunity to meet many new people.

So, for those of you who don't know my other half, here is a basic introduction:

1. He loves video games. Since he was a kid he turned to this interactive visual storyteller system as a stress reliever. And to this today he super enjoys earning the trophies!! Our two sons are named after characters from Kingdom Hearts, a Disney-themed video game. I love Disney. BOOM. He loves video games. Perfect mixture for us.

2. He loves sugar cookies. A lot. It is one of his sweet tooth downfalls. That and Pistachio Ice Cream!! As for the cookies, he particularly really loves the Great American Cookie Company sugar cookie. It's a tradition in my family to get Cookie Cakes for our birthdays and one year I got him a Sugar Cookie Cake. They don't actually make these but worked with me to make it by using Snickerdoodle mixture and not adding the cinnamon but using sprinkles instead. He LOVES the sprinkles.

3. He loves to workout. He works out every. single. day. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Nope. Not for me. lol! But that's why he looks amazing and I look like a potato bag. 😂

4. He has a fascination with spooky things that has been genetically passed down to Roxas! No joke. I don't encourage it. It just seeps out of their bodies like it is ingrained in their bones. They love it. And are terrified by it all at the same time. Most date nights we find ourselves watching X-Files, because you know, it's creepily awesome. Skully & Mulder are the best.

5. He loves steak. Medium. Makes me want to vomit a little, but he doesn't eat it any other way. Such a Farmer Boy.

On a deeper level, here is a bit more of who he is.

We started dating in late December of 2008, got engaged in March of 2009, and married in October of 2009. We like to think of it as: he's a gogetter. When he's decided something, he shoots for it like a rocket!

Many of you who have met him have probably not had the opportunity to get to know who Jesse really is. Truthfully, from a distance, Jesse appears very serious. Very. Lol! And very analytical.

I remember in college a Professor, who often mentored Jesse on a regular basis, asked me in a Marriage Seminar Class why I married Jesse. He was trying to share how certain people are attracted to certain things in a relationship. I'm sure he had a specific point he was going to make, as he new me well and he new Jesse very well. Or so he assumed.

I answered almost immediately, "I married him because he was funny."

The professor, who appeared shocked, literally laughed out loud. He couldn't believe I had said that Jesse was funny! He would never in a million years think that Jesse had a constant sense of humor.

I was in shock, too. Were there people who thought Jesse wasn't a pure joke??? To me, and to many who know him very very well, Jesse is the light of the party. Always making jokes (that at one time I found a little more humorous than I do now...), always sarcastic and throwing out the punchlines.

He has this stoic shell on the outside that many think is him, when really, once you step up close, you see he's a total peanut under that nutshell.

He is a hard worker, who is dedicated to perfection in his work. And he always strives to be the best he can be whether it be in physical health or in acing his tests.

And he adamantly loves his boys.

Well, today is his 32nd birthday, and I wanted to share with you some of the wonders of his journey in fatherhood and husbandhood the last few years. Through pictures, of course.

I love you, babe.

If you see him, please wish my babe a happy sappy dappy birthday.

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