Jimmy + Jorina | A Quail Ridge Lodge Wedding | Wentzville, MO

Come one, come all! Let me tell you about the Woods'. (It's so cool to finally call you that, Miss Jorina! Or should I say, Mrs. Jorina...). I have known Jimmy since my first year at St. Louis Christian College! I'm not gonna say when that was, buuuuut we've known each other for over a decade... Let's leave it at that.

Jimmy ended up being one of our friend crew, was housemates with my hubby, and was a huge proponent for getting me and my love together! You go, Jimmy!!!!

The most amazing thing I've seen over the course of our long friendship, which is brave to say because there are so many amazing things about Jimmy (his loyalty, his compassion, he crazy good artistic abilities, I could go on!), is when he met Jorina. I can imagine people say this a lot about wonderful people they meet. But, honest to goodness, Jorina is one of the most spectacular people I have met.

When Jimmy brought her over a few years ago to introduce us, I was all nerves. Unbeknownst to most people, I am an introvert. I know, I know. When people hear that, they don't believe it. I like to talk. I'm opinionated. I can stand in front of a crowd, easy peasy. But, when it comes to meeting people in person, going to get-togethers, talking to someone I don't know or don't know very well, or worst of all - having to call people???????? All of that makes me sick to my stomach. I tend to avoid it like the plague. And when I suck up my big girl pants and shove my way into doing those things, it takes all of my energy and I'm a nervous wreck. Want me to greet someone across the room? I'm shaking. Want me to join in at a party? I'll brew on it, and maybe have nightmares, and may or may not cancel last minute. I gotta call all insurance or my doctor??? I have to amp up for a whole week, and want to throw through the whole ordeal.

So you can imagine the bag of nerves I was sitting on when we were waiting for them to come. It would be so awkward talking to someone I didn't know. They were coming to our house for a game night and in the confines of our small home, we'd be stuck with a wild toddler and stranger.... Sounded like a recipe for a great night...

Soooo, all of that I say so you know how hard it is for me to enjoy situations like that. But, when Jorina walked in, the whole world changed. Like a bright light. From the first moment she spoke, my anxiety literally disappeared. Her smile, her joy, her constant laughter. It was contagious. And we ended spending the whole evening in pure bliss. She was definitely added to my list of kindred spirits.

From then on, I was hooked! And sold that THIS WAS THE ONE, Jimmy!!!!!!

Now to their wedding day. They gave me the privilege of photographing their wedding, which I couldn't wait to do! I knew it was going to be beautiful, and I wasn't disappointed. They showed me pictures of where they wanted to hold it. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, greenery for miles, a stone patio, a gazebo. No matter if it rained or not, every location was beautiful. The Quail Ridge Lodge.

It did rain, a torrential flood in fact, but luckily it was the night before, and not the day of. Of course, that meant they couldn't hold the ceremony at the gazebo, but the stone patio they chose was gorgeous and cast the most beautiful white light! Perfect for a wedding in the bright afternoon sun!

So here we go. I'm done talking. Now we're going to look through their day. Are you ready?

The day started out with some gorgeous details!

They had a Wood theme - get it??? Jimmy + Jorina Woooooooooooods????? I love it.

Then I headed to the Hampton Inn for some getting ready shots!

Her dressssssssss! So much gorgeous detail!!!! She completely blew me away seeing her in it!

Next was the ceremony. It was hot, but so worth it! The scenery was beautiful on the stone patio, and tress all around. And the moment Jorina stepped out with her papa, I was tearing up!

Mr. + Mrs. Woods, everyone!

The Bride + Groom next!!

Aren't they the cutest??? Those smiles are radiating!

Wedding Party + Family NEXT!

I threw a random pic of my hubby in there, since you know - 1. he's handsome. 2. he was a groomsmen. LOL!

And we ended the night with the reception!!!! Look out for the special thing about the cake!! Not only was it hard wood, but it featured little figurines of their puppies, are near and dear to their hearts!

The End!!!! I dream of a Happily Ever After for you!!!

Wedding Dress | The Ultimate Bride

Bouquet | Soulard Florist

Wedding Cake | La Patisserie

Venue | Quail Ridge Lodge

Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal

Groom's Suit | Men's Wearhouse (Mid Rivers)

Invitations | Minted.com

Favors | The Knot Shop

DJ | Her Brother!

Photo Booth |

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