The Jones Family | Family Session at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis, MO | St. Louis Photography

Miss Eliza is turning ONE!

Her mama reached out to me to take some one-year birthday photos and I jumped at the chance! Milestones are literally my favorite to shoot! So many details and expressions to capture!

And to make it all 100 million bagillion times better, was that Amanda, Bradley, and Eliza arrived dressed to literal perfection! They made my job so easy and gave me all of the creative feels because the three of them rocked their outfits and were such troopers, doing everything I asked with such enthusiasm!! Eliza had the most adorable outfits - I almost died of cuteness overload. It so badly made me want a daughter!

Eliza loved gnawing down on some apples. Her birthday theme is apples, so they brought a fun apple and basket set-up, and even though she was a bit terrified of her balloons, we worked together to make an epic photo with her big gorgeous smile!

Thank you, Jones Family, for choosing me!!!!!! I had such a blast!

Location: Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, Missouri

Aren't her outfits literally perfect?????

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