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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

What to say about this girl?

First off, if you've already seen the Sneak Peek, then you know this girl can stinking MODEL!

Holy cow, holy goodness. I honestly wasn't sure how the day would go. We had scheduled it months in advance, but then the week of our shoot, as most St. Louis weather goes, it was a bit unpredictable. It was supposed to POUR the whole week. Some days it did. And some days it was surprisingly full of sunshine.

That morning, the weather app said it was supposed to rain. A super high chance. I texted, speculating a reschedule. And how she answered next would literally MAKE MY MONTH! She wanted to shoot, rain or shine!

My DREAM right there! As many of you know, I'm a Pluviophile; i.e. "a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days." That's ME! When it storms, I am so so happy. It gives me energy; fuels my soul. The smell, the sound, the feeling of rain on my skin, the cool breeze that usually comes with it. I just want to open my windows, grab a good book, and a blanket, and rest for hours on end.

And I've always dreamed, DREAMED of shooting in the rain. How beautiful and romantic and fairy-tale-esque! Of course, it was scary. What if none of the shots came out like I imagined? What if my equipment got wet? What if I got blown away by the stormy wind into the Land of Oz (a girl can dream, ok?)??

Luckily, I was prepared, and had already boughten "photogenic" clear umbrellas, waiting for the day I would need them. They sat in my trunk for a good two years - never touched. At Kami's session, I pulled those babies out!!!!!

Kami was brave! She didn't care that it rained all over her perfect hair, and gorgeous makeup, and elegant gown! She trusted me to get beautiful shots no matter what! And I was so so so stinking honored that she believed in me! The shots we captured together were more breathtaking than I could ever imagine.

I've known Kami and her sister since they were in - what - the 4th grade? I was their Worship Teacher! I had the privilege of leading Music and Worship (with a little bit of dance woot woot!) in our Sunday School class.

When Kami reached out to me, I was more than thrilled. How could I say no to photographing a girl I had seen grow up before my very eyes???

And there's honestly not much to say after that, except - LOOK! Just look at these images and see the beauty that is Kami.

P.S. Don't forget to check out her Soccer Portraits below, celebrating her recovery from her knee injury!!!

Location | Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri

Umbrella | Target

Dress Alterations | Button and Bobbin Alterations

And check out these portraits celebrating her love for Soccer as well has the recovery of her knee injury!

Location | Columbia High School in Columbia, Illinois

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