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I'm not sure there is anything I can say. And ironically I know this post is going to be quuiiiiiiite long....

Kevin is one of my younger brothers, my first best friend, the first love of my life, my literal soul mate. I know for a fact God placed us on this Earth together for a reason. Everything that I am, he knows it. And he also does it better. People always thought were twins growing up, because we looked so much alike, but hooray - I am 3 years older!! Woot woot!

He brings me pride and joy every single day of his life and gets me like no one else does. He understands the very essence of my soul. And though there are days I want to ring his neck, or trip him while he's walking up the stairs, because he can be a TAD BIT stubborn, I would never exchange him for anyone else.

This past week I had the privilege of meeting the woman who will now become my sister. My hubby, mom, and I traveled to South Korea, where my two first loves, my brothers live. Seeing the two of them was enough to get us over there (for the 8th time.... lol!), but we also went knowing that we would get the chance to meet their friends and some special ladies in their lives. We were both excited and terrified all at once.

Particularly, we knew that Kevin was going to pop a certain question to his girlfriend, the lovely Su Yi. We had been the international bearers of his "my precious." The one ring to rule them all, none other than the one he chose to put on her finger. To say that I held that bag pretty stinking tight the whole way to Korea is quite an understatement. Nothing to make you more nervous than to have someone's "love" or death literally hanging within your grasp. I stuffed the ring box in the very very bottom of my bag, to make sure there was no single way that puppy was gonna somehow slip out at customs or under my airplane seat.

Along with it I stuffed my handy-dandy camera, cause I was also prepared to hide in a secret hole somewhere to capture this once in a lifetime moment for my bubby.

Two days after we arrived in Korea, and one day after we met the most perfect woman Kevin could have ever chosen, he popped the question!!!

Alex and Alyssa, Kevin's two close friends, ushered us (me, mom and hubby) to the perfect spot. And the three of us hid (me behind a car, Alyssa in the bushes, and Alex around the corner) in order to capture this moment.

We might have prepared a little toooooo well. Kevin was going to take her on the perfect date. To a favorite restaurant. Then to this beautiful cafe where they would drink coffee and eat a nice slab of carrot cake. This cafe was beautiful with vintage European, and particularly Dutch china and furniture inside (special cause my mom's side of the family immigrated from the Netherlands just a few generations ago and we tend to be a bit proud of that 😊) and it had large windows looking onto the back patio. It was definitely beautiful. But also difficult, because we were setting up just outside those windows on the patio by the back door, which was right across from where they were "reserved" to sit. We had to prepare fast.

We got there a good hour ahead of time to make everything perfect. The flowers, the candles, the letter, the ring. They finally arrived, coming in through the front main entrance and we dove into our secret hiding spots, waiting. Kevin had said they would chat, eat and drink, and then come out the back. So we waited, wet cold ninjas in the darkness of the night. I may or may not have looked like a serial stalker hiding behind the hood of a strangers car, shrouding my hair in a heavy hood, with my camera peeking towards the window.

I did get a few wide-eyes stares..... I was just thankful the owner of the car didn't find me there. That would have been on awkward conversation....

In between rain and wind spurts, Alex had to bolt out of his spot to light and relight the candles and make sure petals didn't set on fire as the wind whipped the loose petals towards the flames. We waited. And waited.... The three of us stood outside, cameras in hand, ready to shoot any second. Any second..... yup, any moment now.....any minute.... any time......welp, an hour and half later they came, with help of a few persuasive memes to Kevin of people freezing to death. They might have enjoyed their carrot cake a little tooooo much. LOL!

They came out the back door and at first she didn't notice. He had to stop her and turn her towards the beautiful little table nook where a basket sat with all of her favorite flowers. She was speechless. So beautifully speechless I wanted to cry. Seeing the love - such deep, humble, pure and mature love - come out of someone towards a person that you love more than There is nothing to explain it.

Of course, she said yes.

And not long after, Kevin commented on the by-now very obvious click click sound of pictures being taken from all sides.

As a sister, I couldn't be more thrilled with this woman. We spent the rest of the week learning more about each other, and honestly, she is definitely my type of lady! Bold, witty, extremely smart, like WHOA smart, intuitive, of course stinking gorgeous, fashionable, and has the knack of knowing EXACTLY how to put Kevin in his place. Oh man, oh man. I was - AM in HEAVEN!!!! Finally, he has found someone I can trust to hand my baton to.

This silly sister of his who has loved him so passionately for her whole life, as if he were her own son, can now hand over the precious piece of his heart that she was clinging to and protecting with her whole being. And she can now breathe easy knowing another amazon warrior princess is watching over it with just as much fervor and boldness.

I love you, Su Yi. Thank you for loving my Kevin.

Location | EXPO Park, Daejeon, South Korea

Your sissy,

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