Kevin + Su Yi | Outdoor Spring Wedding | Waterloo, Illinois

It is ONE YEAR since these two got married.

Two loves of my life. My lifelong besty + his beautiful bride. The woman who has become a real sister to me since the day I first met her.

This day was so highly anticipated. As the oldest sister, and photographer, you can bet I was a biiiiiiiit excited for this day to come. So many details, so much dreaming.

And of course, the day was so so beautiful. And yet, it was so so so so so rough. You all know what a trainwreck 2020 was. And for those who got (or attempted to get) married during that year know the tragedy of it all. Weddings around the world were canceled. Plans that had been made for months (sometimes even years) were frozen, put on hold, rearranged. Dreams were crushed.

The day we had imagined disappeared before our eyes, ripped from our grasps.

Kevin and Su Yi were forced to postpone their formal wedding for a small intimate ceremony with just immediate family. The super hard part was, her mama and sister couldn't get here. Because of travel restrictions, they were stuck in Korea. Our hearts all yearned for them. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to watch a live stream. But still, our hearts, minds, and arms were missing their presence desperately.

The day itself was warm and bright. Perfect weather. So many tears of joy.

I was so honored to follow my brother and SIL as they prepared for this most important day.

Their first look made me bawl.....

This is honestly my favorite part of a wedding day. If I could go back in time to my own wedding, I would absolutely do a first look. If you're not sure what that is - it's when the bride + groom meet privately before the ceremony and see each other for the first time alone. It is so intimate and beautiful, I cry almost every time, even for people I don't even know! It never fails that the groom is knocked off his feet. And the crazy thing??? It never takes away from the aisle walk!!!! The groom's are always just as in awe as if they were seeing them all over for the first time.

And these two were absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Su Yi prepared this "ole little thing" last minute as her casual dress, saving her formal one for a later ceremony. But man...... holy stinking cow. When she walked out, everyone about fell over. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Kevin had no chance...

Their portraits were way to easy. With looks like that + epic scenery (where, FUN FACT: this is the same location I did my wedding portraits at!) + a whole lot of love + MAGIC!!!!

Their ceremony had everyone in tears. Perfect, simple, full of love.

It was followed by a tiny reception with the best kind of dessert!!!!! MACARONS!!!

Location | Waterloo, Illinois

Macarons | Rachel's Market Macarons, O'Fallon, Illinois

Hair + Makeup | Alyssa Hocking (my gorgeous SIL)

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