Drake + Elizabeth | Newlywed Session in Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO | St. Louis Photographer

Drake & Elizabeth are married!!!!

I was absolutely ecstatic to capture these moments with these two! When Elizabeth chatted back and forth about where we wanted to take their newlywed portraits, Tower Grove Park was her top choice!!! I couldn't recall the last time I had been there, but on Easter my family and I wandered the grounds and I immediately fell in love!! I KNEW I needed to make this happen!

I have known Elizabeth and her family for quite a number of years, dating back to my second year of High School. I grew up in Youth Ministry with her older sister, and her dad played a huge role in helping raise my younger brother as one of his father figures. They are very near and dear to my heart. And though I haven't had the opportunity to live life with them the last chunk of years, they will always be a beacon of light in my childhood.

To this day I remember the impact her sister, Melissa, played in my teen years. She went out of her way to make me feel loved when I didn't always feel loveable. I grew up quite shy and it was very hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and interact and make friends. I always worried that I would burden someone or make them uncomfortable. Silly, I know....

But Melissa reached out to me constantly and invited me over to her house for sleepovers. We sang on the worship team together, and even watched a little bit of Little House on the Prairie (which made my mom super happy - Laura Ingalls Wilder is my namesake!), and we performed in a few dramas! One year she even wrote me a poem just for my birthday; literally lit my world. I hadn't dared dream we were close back then, but after that my heart was glued to her forever. She even went as my galpal to Prom!!!!

The way Melissa was for me back then was how her whole family was for many many people. For myself, for my brother, and for everyone they came in contact with. They were and are loving, kind, and Godly people with a whole bunch of sass and the absolute best sense of humor! They know how to laugh. The deep stomach wrenching kind. Which is my favorite kind...

Elizabeth is no different. Even as a child she had the most unique and amazing personality. I remember how bold she was, and how she had the most infectious laughter; I really envied her openness and courage to be herself. She can sing like you've never heard; it gives you chills. She even writes her own music!! #sosocool ... And friends...... when she smiles, WOW. You'll see what I mean in the portraits below.

Just wow....

When I heard she married a guy from around town (they had met in High School and she had a huge crush!!! How sweet!!!), I was curious how he fit into this whole family dynamic. What made him so special to join this spectacular family??

When I met Drake for the first time last Friday, almost immediately I knew. For one, he is stinking smart. He is pursuing a career as an Electrician (sorry, Drake!!! I forgot the proper title!!! Forgive me!!!!). Any person who works in those types of trades gets a massive thumbs up from me. I am not gifted in any area of any kind when it comes to that kind of work!!! Waaaaay over my head. I'm more - go with the wind and ride on the wave of my creative pinky, type girl... Take that as you will....

Drake is currently in the midst of his finals right now, studying for his upcoming presentations (where he has to BUILD a battery! Say what?? How cool!) and will finish next summer. You can do it, Drake!!!

The second reason he seems legit is that he likes to read in his spare time. Any guy who loves to read has an A+ in my book! (*yes, a pun......) Knowledge and imagination feed the soul!

But also, the last reason why I think he and Elizabeth connect so well, is because we literally laughed so so much during our two hour session..... He didn't crack jokes or say one-liners, but he always had the perfect reaction and expression. The raise of his eyebrows and the laugh on his face made the whole night light-hearted and memorable! Even when I asked them to do crazy things, he gave me the eyebrows and proceeded like a champ!! And while we walked around, choosing locations and posing here and there, it never failed that he could make Elizabeth laugh. She was glowing.

I am so overjoyed for their future together and what God has planned for them. Thank you for letting me take a peek into your lives. You both are so beautiful.

Location: Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO

Bouquet: Bloomin' Diehls, Floral Boutique, Waterloo, IL

Thank you for celebrating their marriage with me!!

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