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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

For those of you who don't know my dad's side of the family, Lee is the 4th in line of 5 siblings, just under my dad. He is a car guru who can fix literally almost anything and has a servant's heart of pure gold. I don't know how many times in my lifetime or before that he has slaved away for hours in the crushing heat or freezing winter winds to fix one of our cars, or sinks, or air conditions/heaters. He is a master of all trades! And his loving soul has been a beacon to my brothers and I in our fatherless home. He has taught us that LOVE, true love, is loyalty and sacrifice for other people. We are so thankful for this man who took a step in to watch over us after my father left us for Heaven.

And his wife, Anna, is his perfect match, whether they know it or not! Not only does she keep him on his toes, like all good wives should, but she has the most generous heart. Growing up, many of our cousins came to stay with us in Michigan for the summer, and one year I had the opportunity to come to Illinois and stay with them! I got to spend some weeks with Lee and Anna and their boys.

I got to try foods and snacks I never got the opportunity to have before! Anna was there when I got my ears pierced. And every time we went to the store, Anna snuck in an extra pack of Pokemon cards just for me! (Yes, I am a fan...... Come on, friends, I was a child of the 90s.....)

Not only was she generous with her time and money, but also with her heart. She loved me like her own. For my whole life I have always felt so much "depth" from her. When she loves, she loves fiercely. And for a timid girl who had a horrible self-ego, that kind of love gave me so much comfort and peace as I grew up.

As much as she loves her family, she also has a LOVE for her pets! She is a super animal lover who knows how to advocate for animals of the earth! On our recent Michigan trip, she continually questioned and researched how the horses were taken care of on the island. I loved that. She doesn't just like animals. She loves them like they ought to be - as beautiful creatures created by God that deserve respect and love and caring. She treats them like family members, and it's so stinking sweet!!!!

Well, the two of them have known each other since they were kids!!!! It has been a long journey and I FINALLY had the honor of capturing their portraits on our trip!!!!!!! I was ecstatic! And I may or may not have tripped over a rock while (walking backwards) taking their shots by the lake........

FUN FACT: one of our favorite pictures of them was when they were dating, and my Dad (a hobbyist photographer!) took it! So it made me feel so so special (and a bit surreal), that I could now take one for them in his place.

FUN FACT 2: Also, I didn't forget your Nathan! You will see a third member in a few of these pics, which is their youngest son, Nathan! Sadly the older two couldn't be with us, but Nathan was a good sport and posed for a few for me as well!

Celebrate their long history together with me!!

Location: Munising, Michigan, Lake Superior

I love them with all of my soul!

Be on the lookout for more family portraits, coming soon!

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