Baby Lorenzo | First Easter in Fairview Heights, IL | St. Louis Photographer

When Taylor reached out to me about doing a mini photoshoot for Lorenzo that involved bunny ears, a basket, and baby suspenders, I could not pass it up!!!!

When we finally came up with a day to meet at Moody Park in Fairview Heights, I was suuuuper excited! They had flower trees in full bloom!!! It's my dream to take pictures with flower trees!!! I actually never noticed how beautiful trees can be until I became a photographer. Now, it's all I see!!!!! Oooohhh, look at the those leaves, look how the sun shines through and makes it glow, look at how it makes light dance on the grass. Yup, trees are life's fairy tale to my eyes!!!

Anyhow, we chose a date, and lo and behold it was scheduled to rain. We debated meeting or not and finally came to the conclusion that the rain would hold off until we were done.

We were right. But it was close. I arrived a bit earlier to set up my space and make sure everything looked ok. Apparently, everyone else liked me spot, too, because a massive group of Marine Camp kids gathered while I waited and started to do all of their exercises and drills right next to me. Like, less than ten feet from me. Out of all of the open space in the whole park. LOL!!! Awwwwkward.

As I waited the dark clouds suddenly rolled in and the wind was whipping my hair like crazy!! They arrived and I got to see Lorenzo in the cutest little outfit!!!!!!! And then we got down to business and took these adorable little portraits in about 10 minutes tops. And as we left, the rain came!!! Perfect timing!!!!

Enjoy this little Easter bundle of joy.

Location: Moody Park at Longacre, Fairview Heights, IL

Eggs, Carrots, Basket: Target

That face!!!!!! Best first Easter ever!!!!!

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