Baby Lorenzo| Newborn Portraits

First off, the name Lorenzo. Such a beautiful stunningly romantic name! I love it so so much! And I am so excited to welcome this little babe into our family!

Spencer and Taylor had this sweet baby boy two weeks ago! Spencer is my cousin's cousin. Long story short - our two families have been close since our parents were itty bitties. My uncle married his aunt, and his mom was my other aunt's best friend growing up. Very intertwined. So though he is not "technically" my cousin, he grew up as such.

He and Taylor have been together for a year! And I was so happy to finally meet her after seeing her in his photos!

When their sweet little guy came, I just KNEW I had to capture his picture! He is so loved! This boy's grandma works an exciting job that travels all over the country, and when she heard he was coming, she booked it like only a grandma can! With that kind of stamina and dedication, I HAD to step up to the plate and capture the most precious moments between Lorenzo and his parents, that they would be proud of!

And they did not disappoint! Even though we had to reschedule a gagillion times because of this Illinois weather, they came rocking it!!!

Look through with me at the beautiful love that comes from being a parent for the first time!!!!

Location: Belleville, IL

Help me in welcoming Lorenzo Turner to the world! Congratulations Spencer & Taylor!

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