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Welp, I'm in awe. Absolute awe.

*BEWARE: Here comes the sad mantras of an aging woman.

I met Marli years and years ago. Nothing makes time hurt worse than seeing someone age overnight - from little girl to graduating senior. Woe is me!!!! Seeing her, practically an adult, I couldn't help but have a sad flashback monologue in my dusty old mind, about how ancient I am becoming. Don't judge! I know I'm still young. Just not as young as I was 11 years ago when I met her. And the magically tragic thing about having kids or having them in your life is that they are a never-ending measuring stick. They age and change so rapidly over the years, it's a full visual reminder of how quickly time passes.

Ok, OK!!! Enough about me and my aging complex. Back to Marli!

We never knew each other - in fact, she doesn't remember me LOL! (It's ok, Marli!!). I don't blame her. Even though her mom and my husband are cousins, we only saw each other in passing at a few family events over the years. Nothing quite life-altering.

But man, after spending a whole evening with her, I couldn't help but wonder: "Where have you been my whole life??? How did I miss this??"

From the beginning she was sweet as sugar. A bit shy. But honestly, anytime you start out a Senior or Solo Session, every single person feels that. There's nothing better than a stranger showing up with a telescope zoomed on your face, making you do weird things, like frolic through a field, and spin in circles, and smell your shoulder, and laugh at a bush. But you know what, as soon as she stepped out in those stunningly-fly outfits, she transformed into something that blew me away.

That timid smile let loose, showing off this one-of-a-kind girl. Every crazy thing I threw at her, she accepted with grace and pulled it off with flying colors!

And to make it all even better, as we were leaving their home to head to the city, she shared that she wanted to pursue Creative Writing. CREATIVE WRITING!!!!!!!! I love. LOVE. writing. So so much.

When it comes to reading books and imagining and writing stories - it's a piece of my soul!!!! Immediately I vomited praise all over her. I want to be her friend!!!!! How many times do you get to meet a teenager who wants to be a writer??? Not often, let me tell you! A girl after my own heart!!!

Annnyyywaaayyy, she brought so much joy to her session, and it left me buzzing with energy and creativity. Thank you, Marli, for letting me see you!!! That glorious beautiful creative you!

Location | Fairfield, Illinois

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