Rebecka & Andrew | Engagement Portraits in Rolla, MO | St. Louis Photography

Welp, these two completely knocked my socks off...

Rebecka and Andrew have been dating since early 2018 and this past May they got ENGAGED!!!

I couldn't believe it when Becka reached out to me! Her parents were best friends with my parents in college, and we've known each other since birth.

Fun Fact 1: Her mom quit her job to watch me when I was born! She was like a second mama!

Fun Fact 2: My brother Kevin earned his name from Becka's dad!

So you can imagine I was so incredibly honored, joyfully overwhelmed, and hyperventilating a bit when she messaged me to ask if I would join in on her special day and photograph her wedding! Holy smokes, yes! YES YES YES!!!! It would be my greatest privilege!!!

Gaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *this is me excitedly whooping as I walk in circles around my living room, while my sons stare at me like I'm bat crazy..... which I may be.......*

She and Andrew live in Springfield, MO (Fun Fact 3: my birthplace and home of the original [Springfield] Cashew Chicken!!!!!!!!), so we decided to meet halfway in Rolla, MO for the engagement photos!!!

I learned many things during our time together:

1. Rolla has the cutest downtown! Historic vintage buildings left and right!

2. Don't bring your guitar out in public, otherwise people might think you are playing for pleasure, and stop to watch you. And they may or may not ask if they can play it as well..... and ask if you can take their picture.....

3. Rebecka hates curly fries from Arby's..... I know.... Yes, it's actually possible to not like those deliciously crispy curly cues. Shame, Becka, shame.

4. Andrew is quite funny! He could make Becka laugh without even trying!!!! And apparently he has the best "creeper voice" I've ever witnessed. When I told him to whisper his favorite cereal in the creepiest voice he could into Becka's ear, she literally could not keep herself from bursting into laughter!! It was quite memorable! He's my kind of guy! Thumbs up, Andrew!

5. Becka's creative skills also include her sense of style! She stepped out of that car and I was like, whoa. Whoa. WHOA. Made me soooooo excited to capture all of the beautiful details! Of course her hair was absolutely perfect. (Fun Fact 4: She's a Cosmetologist! If you're in the Springfield area, CHECK HER OUT!!)

6. When you're at a community park, be aware that you may encounter people of all kinds who photobomb during your session, including those not as modestly clad. Ours involved fishing in the lake - and our new photobomb friend decided he didn't want to wear all of his clothes. An interesting experience.....

7. But finely, I learned that these two are perfect for each other. You don't always meet a couple who just seem to know each other so well. They were natural and both filled with so much joy. It was contagious, and I couldn't help but smile through the whole thing.

Check out their ZING!

Location: Rolla, MO

You two made my weekend so much brighter. Thank you for choosing me! And I can't wait until September!

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