McNames Family | Mom/Dad & Me Session in Millstadt, IL | St. Louis Photography

The McNames family has been a part of my life for more than a decade now! Sharon, the mama in this session, actually made the beautiful flowers in my wedding!!

My mom and I served with both she and Cliff in Sunday School as well as camp for many years!

When Abbie messaged me, she asked if I would be having any Dad & Me Sessions for Father's Day. She wanted to surprise her dad with pictures! So of course, we HAD to do it! We created a Mom & Dad & Me Session! I was so excited, not only because I know her parents so well, but also because her dad, Cliff, has a very unique hobby. He collects things. Not just regular things, like plates or pez dispensers, or coins. He collects unique things! I don't even have a word for it other than "things." LOL! It's vast! Antiques of all kinds! Tools, vehicles, bikes, and other things I don't even know the names of!

It is so impressive! He has garages and sheds dedicated to these items!

What made our session even more fun is that we actually used some of these in our photoshoot! Two large antique tractors, a baby tractor he had rebuilt and fixed for when Abbie was a little girl, a tiny car she had for her 1st Birthday, and a GORGEOUS play house he built himself!

So amazing!!! Check out their Mom & Dad & Me Session, as well as some family portraits including Abbie's husband, Jeff!

And they even let Axel go for a ride!!!! He LOVED it!

Love you, McNames Family!!!!!!!!

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