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At the beginning of July my extended family took a long journey north to the U.P. My mom was born an raised in Michigan, and my brothers and I lived there for the first half of our life until we moved to Illinois when I was 12 years old.

We were absolutely thrilled that the family wanted to head on an adventure up there.

We traversed to Munising, Michigan on the coast of Lake Superior where we stayed in a large cabin overlooking the great lake. Man was it beautiful.

And if you know me, I don't like the sun or heat. Some call me a vampire.... It's a secret I will take to my grave - you will never know.....

So Michigan weather is the kind I LIVE for. During the day it's in the low 80s at the highest and at night - woooheeeee - it is the most delicious sort of hoody weather. At night we slept with our windows open, cozied up in our blankies, and it was like heaven.

One afternoon, when we felt a bit stuffy, we took a dip into the lake. It was cold, don't let me fool you. But it was so refreshing.

We celebrated my aunt's birthday and 4th of July all in one. We saw fireworks over the lake in the small nearby town and the next day we hiked and saw some of the Munising Waterfalls.

On Friday we traveled to Mackinac Island - one of my FAVORITE places to vacation. Although I wouldn't recommend it during the week of 4th of July...... Let's just say, we decided to go on the busiest day of the year. Eek!

The island is a no-car environment. There are bikes, horses, and endless walking. We ate Mackinac fudge - the best kind! - and took a 2 hour carriage ride around the island. We saw amazingly beautiful sights and even got to enter the Mackinac Fort which was built during the Revolutionary War!

Seriously the most beautiful scenery and environment. YOU NEED TO GO!!!!!

Location: Munising, Michigan & Mackinac Island & Fort Mackinac

I also took some family portraits on the lake that will be coming out SOON! Be on the lookout!

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