Mischievous Uncle | Individual Portraits

I absolutely love this smile.

This is the man I grew up knowing as a second father, the one who walked me down the aisle since my papa couldn't. ❤️ My Uncle Tim.

He asked me to take some headshots for work and I jumped at the chance!! Who wouldn’t want to capture that face?? The sweetest, kindest, (mischievous 😉) loving man. He's the kind of guy to sacrifice anything and everything for those around him. And he's also the type to pull your ponytail out while he walks by, or unscrews the top to your salt shaker. He's a such a perfect balance of sweet & sour!

This week he even surprised me by driving all the way to my house Monday night to wish me a happy birthday even after working super super late. That’s called love. 🌟

Location: Waterloo, IL

You make my heart happy, Uncle!! You handsome devil, you!

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