Baby Paisley | 6 Month Milestone | St. Louis Family Photography | Laura Hocking Photography

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Paisley is officially 6 months!

And man, does she have the most beautiful smile and eyelashes and eyyyyyyeeesss!

For those of you who don't know, this sweet girl is the daughter of one my best friends, Ms. Gretchen! We worked together for 4 years, and went through thick and thin as we progressed in our careers as well as in growing our families.

This woman gets me. Our love of musicals, and movie fun-facts, and acting and dancing and singing. All of that, plus our love for God, totally makes us vibe in all the right ways. I love her so.

And I am so honored to be able to document her second daughter as she grows. And I love bringing my boys over to play - especially because Gabby, her oldest, and Roxas, my oldest, love to play animals. Specifically cats. It's pretty stinkin adorable. And hilarious.

Anyhoo, follow along to check out Miss Paisley's 6 month milestone!!!

I love you Paisley girl! I can't wait to find out how beautiful and strong your personality will be!

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