Baby Blythe | Newborn Session in Kokomo, IN | St. Louis Photography

Miss Blythe joined us a few weeks early and is absolutely so incredibly loved!

Just like her sisters, I love her like my own. Shane and Kayla are my husband and I's best friends from college and their babies mean the world to me.

I literally almost broke in half when they called me to tell me that they gave Blythe my middle name. The greatest honor. She's now mine fooooreeevvveerrr!!!!!

Unknown (and irrelevant) to them at the time, the name Blythe also has a very special meaning to me. There are many books, movies, characters that have affected me, but there are a minor few that made a huge difference in my life. And one of those characters is a very well known little redheaded girl that taught me that it was ok to have an imagination, intellect, red hair, courage, a hint of stubborness, and freckles: Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables). In this 8 book (4 hr long TV mini series) tale, there is another character that stands out: Gilbert Blythe, the boy who thinks being smart is better than being pretty and loves Anne for the odd duckling she is. They get married years later and she becomes Anne Blythe.

So although this has absolutely nothing to do with Miss Blythe Elizabeth Peters, in my heart, her name encompasses my entire essence. Her name is beautiful and perfect.

When I traveled to visit for their newborn pictures, they were in the middle of VBS at their church so we squeezed in our time together within just a short time. It was quite sunny and hot! We took our pictures in the shade, but even then it was quite warm!

I accepted the challenge and decided to get the pictures done quickly and efficiently. Not too bad, I think!

This family is as gorgeous as ever and they made it look like it was only 75 outside on a cool spring morning!

Welcome Blythe Peters to the world!!!!!!

Location: Kokomo, Indiana

Blythe, my love. You are more precious than words can describe.

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