The Peters Family | Maternity Portraits in Kokomo, IN | St. Louis Photography

Shane & Kayla were the WINNERS of my 2018 Review Contest back in January!

I was so so so excited to document this momentous occasion!!!!! Shane and Kayla have been my hubby's and my best friends since college and we jumped at an excuse to travel the midwest to visit them. Nothing better than a little Peters coming!!!!!

Baby Girl is due next month and I CAN'T WAIT to make the journey again to capture her newborn portraits!!!

We spent a few days together, got a tour of Shane's workplace, grabbed a bite at a local Chinese Buffet (not usually my thing - buffets that is - but their Mongolian BBQ was killer!), and even enjoyed some late night ice cream that turned my 3 year old's skin and poo blue.........

Check out this gorgeous mama, her littles, and hubby as we frlocked through a nearby park and then downtown Kokomo!

Location: Kokomo, IN

Blue Lace Maxi Dress: PINKBLUSH

You guys bring so much joy to our lives!

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