Ross Family | Extended Family Session in Florissant, MO | St. Louis Photographer

Chris connected with me a few months ago about taking family photos for her, her sisters, and her parents. Immediately I said yes! I actually went to college with Chris and her husband Isaac. We lived in the same married apartment dorms!

In fact, Chris is a photographer, too. She took our Branstetter (my maiden name - a mouthful, I know. LOL!) family photo years ago, and even though we've had many since then, the one from her session is still hanging in my mom's living room.

We met on Saturday at the most beautiful park. I had never been to Sioux Passage Park in Florissant. In fact, I had never even heard of it. We had to drive along these long back roads, and my mom (who drove me there to hang out with the boys) thought we might not ever get there.

We may watch a bit too many mystery shows, cause our first thought is always "We're going to get murdered!" LOL! But finally, we came back to civilization and entered this wonderland of a park. We drove through, looking around for a good spot. And lo and behold, we came around a hill and the most SPECTACULAR trees appeared with pinkish/purple blooms. I HAD TO TAKE PICTURES THERE!!!

If you know me, I love love love taking pictures with flower trees!

I immediately sent Chris a picture of these beauties!!!

To say I was excited was an understatement.

When the family arrived, I got to take these amazing portraits under the trees!!! I am in LOVE!! I need to murder the half-dead trees in my yard and get these babies.

After this we traversed through the recently un-flooded riverbank, with deep sinking mud. LOL! All in order to get fun pictures near the river!!

Location: Sioux Passage Park, Florissant, MO

Seriously so much fun!!!!! Thank you Ross, Ray, Wehmeyer, Engel Family!!!!!!

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